Friday, 17 May 2013

Tutorial: Double Hammock Rebozo

Tutorial: Double Hammock Rebozo
Wrap Used: Didymos Flamenco Hemp Indio, Size 2
Level of Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

This is a short wrap variation of the carry I did a tutorial for yesterday.  The first few stages are exactly the same. This is only a one shoulder carry, but it has two layers over your child, so it very comfortable and secure, even for longer periods of time.

1. Get your child on your back in your preferred way.  Have your wrap over your child's back with the top rail up to the back of their neck.  You need one very short tail and one very long.  The short tail needs to be just enough to tie a knot.  As this is a one-shoulder carry, you need to make sure your short tail is over the shoulder which you will be carrying on.

2. Hold both top rails over your shoulders and pull them tight so that you secure your child into place. Pin the rails under your chin or in your teeth, so that your child is held in place securely enough for you to remove your hands.

3. With the rails tight under your chin/in your teeth, put your hands underneath your child's knees and take hold of the botton rail. Pull downwards so that the fabric is pulled taught over your child's back.

4. With the bottom rail securely in your hands, bring the fabric upwards between you and your child to create a good, deep seat.  It is particularly important to get a good deep seat with this carry, making sure the fabric is spread all the way from knee pit to knee pit.

5. Now take the shorter tail and pin it securely under your chin so that you can work with the longer tail.

6.  Gather up the longer tail in your hand, and pull it securely, so that fabric tightens around your child. You should be able to feel the fabric supporting your child's weight.

7.  Keeping tension, pull the fabric straight across your body.

8.  Keeping the tension, pass the wrap from one hand to the other behind your child's back.  

9.  Pull the fabric up and towards your opposite shoulder, so that the fabric is spread over your child's back, right up to their neck.  Reinforce the seat by tucking some of the fabric under your child's bottom.

10.  Tighten along your wrap, so that you take all the slack out of it and bring both tails around to meet at your shoulder (the shoulder with the wrap over it - my left shoulder in this picture).  If you stand up straight at this point, you can make sure that your child is being held securely, and make sure you tighten any loose fabric.

11.  Tie a double knot in the 'corsage' position, which is the same place you would expect to have the rings on a ring sling.

12.  Pull your knot tight, making sure that it is secure.  You can use any type of knot here, but some people like to use a slip knot.

13.  Spread the fabric over your shoulder so that it feels comfortable.

14.  Spread the fabric over your chest, so that it feels comfortable.

15.  You're all finished!

This is only the second photo tutorial I've done, so please let me know if you have any questions by writing a comment on the blog.  If you have any suggestions of future tutorials you would like to see, please let me know!  Thank you!

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