Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Oscha Nouveau Bramble

Brand: Oscha
Type: Nouveau Bramble
Blend: 40% wool, 60% cotton
Size: 3
The first thing that strikes me about Nouveau Bramble is its amazing rich colour, which is a beautiful grape purple, (but seems to appear quite blue in pictures).  You would never know by feeling it that Bramble contained wool, as it has a smooth, almost silky feel, and doesn't have the slightly scratchy feel that wool often has.  It is quite a thin wrap (Oscha say it is about 15% lighter than their usual standard weight), but the wool content means it still has a lovely cush to it.  This wrap literally glides into place, and is incredibly easy to wrap with, making it a lovely wrap for a beginner, but also amazing for the more experienced wrapper aswell.  I have a size 3 in this wrap, and tend to use it most for Double Hammock Rebozo, as my son is a heavy 17 month old, and I like to use a multi layer carry with this wrap, as it is fairly thin.  However, it also does a lovely ruck, which is very comfortable for shorter periods, but I personally wouldn't want to use it for longer periods with my toddler in a single layer carry (although this is only personal preference of course - I have fussy shoulders!).  However, you could easily carry a young baby in this for long periods using any carry!
An amazingly beautiful wrap to look at, a gorgeous soft and silky wrap to feel, and a dream to wrap with. No wonder this wrap has become one of the most sought after Oscha wraps from the last 6 months.

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