Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review: Grass Hemp Indio Ring Sling

Brand: Didymos
Type: Grass Hemp Indio (GHI)
Blend: 50% Hemp, 50% Cotton
Size: Ring Sling with gathered shoulder.

After falling in love with Flamenco Hemp Indio (FHI), I came across this Grass Hemp Indio ring sling for sale, and decided to give it a try.
It arrived beautifully soft and broken in, and just as soft and mouldable as FHI.  It is a little bit thinner than FHI, but still a thicker wrap, and so lovely and cushy.  The colour is a really pretty minty green, which looks lovely with the silver rings on the ring sling.  GHI is really easy to use as a ring sling, as it slides beautifully through the rings to tighten, and being so mouldable, you can really get it to fit perfectly around your child.  It is cushy on my shoulder, but thin enough to fold up and fit in my handbag for those days when I need something 'just in case'.  It has such a soft and snuggley feel to it, I regularly use it to rock my son to sleep if he is finding it difficult to settle at bedtime, and he always falls asleep quickly, so he must find it comfortable aswell.
Grass hemp indio makes a lovely ring sling, but I think it would be amazing as a wrap.  Definitely toddler-worthy, but also soft and mouldable enough to be suitable for a young baby.  Plus a lovely fresh minty colour and the cush and support of a hemp blend. I have really fallen for these hemp indios!

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