Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Natibaby Elves, Graphite and Pink

Brand: Natibaby
Type: Elves, Graphite and Pink
Blend: 30% merino wool, 70% cotton
Size: 6

I've always had a soft spot for the Natibaby elves pattern (I already own a blue and white elves ring sling, which I love) so when I first saw the pictures of this graphite and pink colourway, I jumped at the chance to get elves in such striking colours.  My only reservation was the wool content, as I was less experienced with different blends at the time, and I worried about caring for it, and the possible itchiness of the wool.  However, as soon as it arrived I realised that there was no need to have any reservations, as Natibaby's merino wool is amazing.  It is beautifully soft, straight from the box, and improves even further with a gentle wash.  This wrap is so mouldable, it supports my son's weight perfectly, and the wool gives it an amazing cush on my shoulders.  This is one of the few wraps I can still wear in a one shoulder carry with my 17 month old, as it is so cushy and supportive.  For those who don't like the characteristic 'itch' that often accompanies woolly wraps, then Natibaby's merino wool is the perfect solution for you, as it is completely smooth and silky.  This wrap offers plenty of glide which means I can wrap with it easily, and get a perfect carry each time, but also enough grip to hold the passes in place.  As well as being toddler-worthy, this wrap is so soft that it would easily mould around a tiny baby.  This wrap is a real gem.

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