Sunday, 12 May 2013

Review: Oscha Nouveau Ember

Brand: Oscha
Type: Nouveau Ember
Blend: 100% Cotton
Size: 5
I've had Oscha Nouveau Ember for a couple of months after falling in love with the beautiful rich wine red colour, which suits the Nouveau pattern perfectly.  It is quite a regal looking wrap and would be perfect for both a special occasion and every day use.  At 261g/sqm, it is one of Oscha's slightly thicker wraps, so requires a bit of breaking in.  Despite arriving with me pre-loved, it still wasn't fully broken in, so after a wash, steam iron and a lot of braiding, it is now a beautifully soft and mouldable wrap, with the thickness providing plenty of cush on my shoulders.  The pattern gives the wrap a lot of grip, which is great when the wrap is in place, but doesn't allow the wrap to slide into place as easily as some other wraps.  I found Nouveau Ember a little bit challenging to wrap with when I first received it, but as I've become more experienced in wrapping, and the wrap has become softer, I've found it easier to use.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to an absolute beginner due to its thickness and grip, but even a slightly experienced wrapper should be able to use it well enough to get a comfortable carry.  It is the perfect toddler wrap, but once broken in, would be lovely carrying a baby aswell.
Nouveau Ember was released in January 2012 and doesn't come up for sale particularly often, although it isn't impossible to find.  It is a wonderful wrap, and well worth the hard work in breaking it in, as my son felt weightless today in a knotless double hammock carry.  Nouveau Ember is one of my favourite wraps, and I hope will stay with us for a very long time.

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