Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: Oscha Eden Copper Beech

Brand: Oscha
Type: Eden Copper Beech
Blend: 40% tussah silk, 60% cotton
Size: 7

When this wrap arrived I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous colour, a lovely, warm rusty red. The smell of the silk was quite strong, but has disappeared after one wash.  I have been using this wrap a lot over the last week, and it is becoming one of my firm favourites.  It is very soft already, and moulds around my son.  It has enough slip to allow the passes to glide into place, whilst having enough grip to stay in place. It holds my son's weight beautifully, and in a double hammock carry, is very easy on my shoulders.  This wrap is here to stay.

Comparison with Oscha Nouveau Ember and Oscha Roses Aphrodite.

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