Monday, 20 May 2013

Flamenco Hemp Indio, Version 2

Didymos have recently re-released Flamenco Hemp Indio (FHI).  You may recall in my previous review of FHI, that it is one of my favourite wraps, and is completely amazing, soft and supportive.  As my FHI is a size 2, I decided to order a size 7 from the recent release, which arrived today.
I have to say, that it has never been more obvious to me that you shouldn't judge a wrap before it is broken in!!  My original FHI was amazingly broken in when it arrived, but the new version has arrived very stiff and crispy and unmouldable! The great thing is that I know how amazing it will be once broken in, so I've set to work on it already.  Its already been washed, and I will steam iron it later. I will then braid, braid, braid, run it through sling rings and get my hubby to sit on it for a while!
If you've just received the new version of FHI and can't believe how beastly it is, take heart, it will be amazing very soon!


  1. Has the new version become as amazing as the FHI version 1??

    1. Thanks for your question! Yes, version 2 has definitely become just as amazing! Its such a comfortable, mouldable wrap, and so easy to use. I would highly recommend either version of FHI! :)